2014 Craft Bier Festival
Sunday, August 31, 2014 
11 a.m to 7 p.m.

The atmosphere is perfect. It’s in the castle! There is a big clear tent which protects us in the case of rain. When it’s sunny, the tent allows ambient light pass through and into the courtyard.

If you’re familiar with the event, then you already know that it is a celebration of Swiss Craft Bier. All beers at the festival are presented side-by-side, by style, in an equal manner for tasting. This means there is no advantage from a marketing perspective—beer will be consumed and appreciated based on its quality and characteristics.

Guests receive a beer description guide to help educate them on the beer available and to take notes of their favorite beers, festival tasting mug, and a couple of tasting tickets to get them started. Brewers or their representatives are present to pour their beer and/or educate folks.

This little festival has grown from 20 beers on tap and 500 guests to 32 beers on tap and 2,000 guests for the day. This year we expect to see about 2,500 beer lovers on the festival day. This is a very important event to help along the Craft Bier industry in Switzerland and gives small breweries additional exposure.

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Getting There



Why does Switzerland need a Craft Beer Festival?

It’s simple. There are a lot of great beers available in Switzerland; yet, it’s difficult to get them. When you go into a restaurant and ask for a beer you aren’t given a choice. Usually the restaurant owner will just bring you whatever they have. It’s not really their fault though. Consumers need the opportunity to learn more about what types of beer are available. The Craft Beer Festival is a small educational step in this direction. Once you’ve tried a great beer from a microbrewery you’ll want more. We (consumers) need to demand to see the beer list when we go out to eat and ask for options when we go into our local grocery store. Our goal with this Craft Beer Festival is to improve your options (and ours…we want to go out and have choices too). Drink local!!! We drive all over the country meeting brewers, trying their beer, and collecting beer for this festival (it’s a tough job but someone has to do it). Then you get to come to our little festival and sample craft beer from all over Switzerland. You’ll love some beers we have for you and you’ll hate others. That’s the point…to find out what you like. It’s fun and we’re happy to do all this work. This is our 4th year so we kinda know what we’re doing. Drink local!!!

What’s this festival like?

Take a look at the pictures below. It’s a family friendly atmosphere which is covered from the weather by an incredible clear “tornado” tent. This means when it’s sunny you still feel like you’re outside. When it rains, you’re going to stay nice and cozy under the protection of the “tornado” tent (a friend of ours said it looks like a tornado and we agree). There will be music and great food (black beer slow cooked pork sandwiches, brewer’s pretzels, bratwurst from a local butcher and soft drinks). You might be thinking, that sounds great and all, but it sounds expensive. It’s not! We’ve gone out of our way to keep it as affordable as possible. We also have a couple of sponsors who have helped us with the event (see below). As a result, you can come in and look around, and sit down without paying anything. If you’re interested in drinking a beer or two, you can purchase a festival mug with drink tickets. For CHF 10 you get the mug (yours to keep) and your first 3 tastings. Then if you’re really enjoying yourself, additional tastings are just CHF 2 each. You’ll find that our food options and drinks are very reasonably priced. Come on out to Rapperswil and enjoy a day with great people, music, food and Swiss craft beer. One more thing…drink local!!!

2013 Breweries/Beer

Brauerei Bier 2013 Bier Style Alc Content EBU Beer ID
Buechibärgerbier Buechibärgerbier Pils Pilsner 4.4 30 1
Brauerei St. Johann St. Johann Hell Lager 4.9 14 2
Kornhausbräu Das Honig Honig Lager 5 19 3
Schmitte Bier Original Blond Lager 5 26 4
Churer Stadtbier 4-Seasons Sommer 2013 Lager Spez 5.2 24 5
Octopus-Brau Holderebock Bock 7.6 20 6
BrauWerk Morena Vienna Amber Lager 5.1 21 7
Octopus-Brau Bananaweizen Weizen 5.5 11 8
Cow Water CW Blond Ale Ale 4.9 10.6 9
Doppelleu Brauwerkstatt Chopfab Trüeb Pale Ale 5.2 25 10
Bier Factory Rappigold Pale Ale 4.8 26 11
La Brasserie du Chauve La Pression Red Ale 5 25 12
Öufi-Brauerei Öufi Chilbi-Bock Bockbier 6.5 32 13
Stillmans Darach Mòr Whiskey Brown Ale 6 12.5 14
UG – Bräu UG-Pale Ale Englisch Ale 5.2 25-35 15
UG – Bräu Nelsons IPA 6.5 40-50 16
Gutknecht’s Hammer-Bier Tessiner Maroni Honig Bock Bier Bockbier 7.7 40 17
Bad Attitude Dude Almost Double IPA 7.51 91 18
Bad Attitude White IPA  IPA 6.3 58 19
Bier Factory XXA India Pale Ale IPA 6.7 65 20
Storm&Anchor Beast IPA Double IPA 8.1 60-90 21
Bier Factory Cascadia Brewer’s Reserve Cascadia (Black IPA) 6 50 22
Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes (BFM) Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien Strong Sour Ale 11 0 23
Brüll! Bier Nera Stout 6 30-45 24
Degenbier Degenbier Dunkel Porter 4.8 20 25
Bier Factory Blackbier Dry Stout 4.6 30 26
Brasserie Trois Dames Bise Noire + Mint Porter 7.2 20-35 27
Officina della Birra Apocalisse  Dark Ginger Weizen 4.5 28 28
Brasserie Trois Dames Fraîcheur Basilic Belgian Blanche + Basil 5 10-20 29
Officina della Birra ODB Blanche Blanche 4.5 26 30
Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes (BFM) la Meule Bière Blonde 6 10-20 31
Docteur Gab’s Tempete Double Malt Blonde 8 25 32

Getting There



Entrance: Free Fr. 10 (inkl. Mug and the first three drink tickets) additional drink tickets Fr. 2 Festival T-Shirt Fr.20 Beer Lover’s Package Menu


Anton Paar